Friday, January 07, 2011

Dinner time

I hadn't planned on blogging much, but there are somethings worth writing about.

The topic for today is dinner.  Here are some of the magical things that happened during dinner tonight.

First, I served a new recipe.  It wasn't a great one, but it wasn't nasty or inedible.  It just didn't have as good of flavor as I had hoped.  What was it?  Ham and cheese muffins.

I encourage the 5 year old to try one.  He insists that he doesn't like it, but I told him he must try it.  I take a bite into my muffin and suddenly notice the 5 year old is gagging and about to throw up.  He has done this at dinner before.  He isn't faking it.  I tell him to run to the trash can.  He does and proceeds to puke into the trash can, making all sorts of lovely sounds.  So, I begin to loudly sing, "LA LA LA LA!"  My oldest son and husband burst into laughter.  My other son says, "What?  I don't get it."

After the 5 year old is done with the trash can, I ask him to join us at the table.  He does and asks for Kool-Aid.  Well, Oldest son is still laughing and snorts his food right out into his cup of Kool-Aid.  Lovely.  He leaves the dining area with his cup and returns moments later, more composed and with a clean cup.

The laughter continues and several jokes are made.  Most meals end with Peanut, who is 2 1/2, lifting up her shirt so we can see her full tummy.  This is cute, but she makes a game out of it and we see a whole lot of tummy for several minutes.  The 5 year old gets in the act and lifts his shirt for us to see his tummy, too.  He wants me to tickle it.   

Then, Peanut toots.  She announces it.  Like we can't smell it, right?  She holds her nose and tells us that it is stinky.  Yes, Peanut, thank you.  She does this several times and then burps for good measure.  She is one disgusting little girl. 

Ah me.  The joys of a family dinner.  I don't know what "expert" tells us that eating together as a family is a good thing.  Obviously, he has never eaten dinner with my kids. 

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

It's not often you get to say something like that. 

Happy new year!