Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking a break

I've been spending WAY too much time here at the computer. I play, I read, I research, I watch funny things on youtube. My daughter has only 3 more months at home before school starts. I don't want her to go, I'll miss her so much, but what am I doing during the day? Sitting here.

I'm going to try hard and spend very little time here on the comp. When the baby needs me to sit and hold her, I'm going to read books again. I haven't read any books since we moved here 7 months ago. We have enough books to make the local library jealous. I've read maybe 10% of them, probably less. I'm going to read, I'm going to attempt more exercise, which, I think will happen if I'm not here on my rear end. The local city provides lots of free things for kids, there are parks all over the place, local hiking, museums, weekly craft fairs, and more. We are going to try and get out more and spend less time in the house. Easier said than done since I don't know what summers here are like, but I'm guessing their hot. However, when we are in the house, the kids tend to fight more, and I'm not going to let them play Wii every hour of every day.

This isn't going to be easy. This week, no computer, except necessary church stuff. The rest of the summer, I plan on writing and keeping a journal, probably a lot here in my blog, but I'm going to work very hard to make sure I have plenty to write about. So anyway, this long post is just to say (to myself more than anyone else) that I'm taking a break this week.

PS, I bought a new pedometer. My old one's battery died and it's cheaper to buy a new pedometer than the specialty batteries they require. At the end of the week, I'll let you know my mileage.

Friday, May 29, 2009

building birds

A couple of birds have decided a small wall hanging over the front patio is where they want to build their nest. I'm OK with this, unless they start to attack us like some mockingbirds did last year in a bush near our front door.
See this post to know what I'm talking about.

I find this nest very interesting. When they first started coming to the spot, they were leaving little brown spots all along the wall. I thought it was pretty gross, because I thought they were leaving little bird droppings. Then, I started to notice the little specks of mud on the ground right under the wall. So, I've been watching these birds. They work in the morning only and they are building on the side of the wall. The nest is made of mud and grass. Now, we live in the desert. It rained last Friday, a week ago, but before then, there had been no rain for 6 months and there has been no rain since. There is no standing water anywhere near by. I'm not sure how they get the mud, but I'm guessing they make it in their little bird tummys and regurgitate it. Kind of a gross thought and a less than sanitary way to build a house, but very ingenious for these little birds in the hot, dry desert.

I've enjoyed watching their nest grow and now it is really starting to look like a nest. I wish these little birds well as they start their family. As long as they don't attack us when we come out of our front door, all will be well with them. I don't know what they are, but they are not mockingbirds, thank goodness....

Friday, May 22, 2009

first time mom...

I'm realizing that "first time mom" applies to more than just having your first baby.

My oldest will be 11 soon. He is a pre-teen. I'm a first time pre-teen mom. I just signed him up for middle school. I just bought the first can of deodorant (although I probably should have done this a while back). I'm buying size 7 shoes. His feet are almost as big as mine. He is only a head shorter than I am. He mumbles when he speaks. He is quick on jokes and come backs. He is starting to babysit his siblings for short periods of time.

Well, some things about him haven't grown up and he is still a kid. Girls are still to be avoided in his mind and not to be made friends with. Mom and Dad are still ok to be seen with. He prefers the company of his family to his friends. He still sits in the sand box with his little brother and fills buckets with sand.

Can he stop growing? Can he turn 11 and never have another birthday? I'm not sure I want him to grow up. Still, I know he will be a fabulous young man. He is smart and will do well in life. Oh, but I don't want him to grow. I'm so torn... I'm such a first time mom.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just the random everyday of life

I've been meaning to post more on hobbies because I have some funny things to show, but it requires me scanning some pictures from a book and I just haven't taken the time to do it. But, I will share a few pictures of my latest odd hobby, weaving!
This is a tapestry weaving technique that I'm trying. Usually, you sit on the floor with such a frame propped up. I'm not big into sitting on a hard concrete floor for long periods of time. Also, hanging like this, the kids can't get at it as easily. There is a pattern lightly drawn on the warp, or vertical yarn, it is geometric shapes and lines.
Here is a picture of what I just finished. This medieval torture looking device it my attempt to make my own loom. It works well enough. It needs some improvements... This flag thing I'm making turned out looking alright. My hubby refused to comment on it when I showed him the final project. I know it isn't pretty (this view is the back side, by the way) but I am very proud of what I accomplished for a first time.

Ok, on to other things of life!
Only two and a half days of school left!!! My boys are so excited. We have a very busy week.
This is my oldest, bobbing for apples. He really wanted to do this the other day, so the whole family got into it, except for me, I can't get my ears wet, so I've never been able to participate in things like this.

Desert blooms! I'm amazed at the huge number of flower producing plants here in the desert. The colors are amazing, too - red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, dark purple and pink. What is even more amazing that in the 6 months we have lived here, it has not rained. Twice in December it sprinkled, and a few months ago I saw about 10 drops on the sidewalk, but that is it! Desert plants are amazing.

The girls of my family have had a running joke for years about the Bluebird of Happiness. I'm not sure how it all started, but around 10 years ago, I ended up with two of this little glass birds. For the last year I've been having a great time putting these little bluebirds in various places and situations and taking their picture. Well, now, they are ready for summer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jaws of Steel

Peanut has been teething for several months. We are almost done. She has two teeth to go - the two lower canines. As is such, she has been chomping on everything.

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store. I can't sit her in the seat part of the cart because she stands up in the seat. So, I put her in the cart with the groceries. I had just put a new gallon of milk in the cart and as I was walking down the aisle, my 5 year old yells, "Mom, Peanut opened the milk!" Peanut had the lid, with it's seal still attached, in her hand. She had her mouth over the open milk and was trying to get a drink. She had pried that lid right off with those jaws of steel.

At home, she has opened lids to the oatmeal, shortening, and even has gotten a hold of her formula. I've been lucky so far to catch most of these messes before they become huge messes.

Last week I was at Walgreens. I had a few things to get. Again, Peanut was in the basket. I was smarter this time, or so I thought, and put the items in the seat of the cart. While I was looking at something, Peanut stood up, got a box of neosporin and the box of lotion and stuck them in her mouth. By the time we got to the cash register, she had chewed the ends off the boxes and the creams sat at the bottom of the basket. All I could do was hand the cashier the chewed on box and apologize. "Sorry, but I have a teething toddler."

Then, yesterday, the mess that I have been so good to avoid happened. I was working on the computer doing various church related emails and reports when Peanut came up to me. She was holding her bottle and wanted to be held. I picked her up and noticed her entire outfit was wet and she smelled of vinegar. I went into the kitchen, where I found half a gallon of vinegar spilled out all over the floor. She had opened the cupboards, pulled out the vinegar and used those jaws of steel to pry off the lid.

My floor was very clean after I cleaned it all up. Now, I'm must go shopping for baby proof locks to go on several cupboards. We are renting the house and I would rather not do that to someone elses house, but Peanut is into way too much mischief and those jaws of steel are way to powerful.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Hobbies are really wonderful things. I've always had a hobby to work on. I started cross stitching when I was seven years old. I still love to do it when I can find the time. One of my favorite ways to pass the time is to put on a great happy movie, sit sideways on the couch with my legs stretched out, and cross stitch.

I had dabbled in other hobbies as well. I did scrapbooks for several years. After my third child was born, I gave up on this one. I have also done beading. I really don't have an eye for this, but I really enjoy it and I've made myself a bracelet for just about every shirt I own.

My Dad has always had interesting hobbies. He has done wood working in many forms, drawing, and right now he makes his own bows and arrows. Dad has an eye for detail and a great deal of patience.

I found, recently, a set of books that were printed in the glorious 70's. It is a set of 24 books on arts and crafts. These are well done and the "guest" they have for each of the hobbies is a professional at this hobby. There are the normal things like sewing, painting, and knitting, but there are things like spinning your own wool, glass blowing, making a wooden flute, smocking, square dancing and cooking exotic foods. I have LOVED looking through these books. I want to do these hobbies! I want to try them all.

The next post or two will show the books and my latest odd hobby.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Doing Hair Dos

Daughter and I have been having fun playing with her hair. We've tried out all sorts of fun hair styles. Her hair is straight as can be and it makes it hard to do some hair styles.

When we took the twisty buns down at the end of the day, this is what we had. It was so cute!

Here is another fun hair style we tried.

Then, this morning, my youngest son woke up with this. What a mess!