Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mrs. Grumpy

I've been grumpy a bit lately. Can you blame me? It is 7:20 in the morning and the two youngest have already thrown tantrums. They have only been awake for 7 minutes! It has been like this for over a week. My hubby was out of town all last week so I never had a break from the kids. I can't even go into my bedroom or the bathroom without one of them following me to the door. If I go into the bedroom and lock the door, the two youngest pound on it and yell at me. If I go into the bathroom, they stand on the other side of the door talking to me. My two older ones do this a lot too. They don't have anything to say to me while I'm in the same room as them, but the moment I enter the bathroom and shut the door, they suddenly need to ask questions or tell me stories.

I'm also now 38 weeks pregnant. Having this baby is about the only thought my mind is capable of thinking of. I just want to know when it is going to happen. Then I could relax and plan, but knowing it could happen anywhere from tomorrow to three weeks down the road is making me crazy.

My kids seem to talk back to me more. My homeschool son gets annoyed when I ask him to do his work. He wants to do only one page in his book and be done for the day. Yesterday I decided to read out loud from Peter Pan to him. When he saw what I was about to do, he exclaimed loudly, "Oh no."

Perhaps it is always this way and it probably is, but my pregnancy induced grumpiness is making things all the worse.

On the positive side, my two year old is super cute (when he isn't throwing a tantrum) and his vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds lately. He can say just about anything he wants. He can tell me more specifically what he wants to eat, not just num nums. He can tell me his tummy (leg, tongue, etc.) hurts. He can tell me what it is that his sister did to him to make him upset. His phrases are usually only 2-3 words long, but he is really amazing what thoughts and emotions he can convey with those 2-3 words.


SLC said...

Sis - any one of those thing would make anyone grumpy, not to mention all of them at once! Isn't it silly how obsessed you get about having the baby those last few weeks? A day very pregnant seems like a week. Don't worry, you'll have the baby soon (April 1st to be exact). Hang in there, sis.

Benteti5 said...

Don't worry. One day you'll back when you have 5 screaming fussers and think those 4 days were good. Just cheering you up:) Really, all moms have their crazy moments. It's tough with Dads are gone. When hubby gets home you need some girl nights. Go out to dinner and a movie or something. Take some time. Breath. Rest. Giggle.

Benteti5 said...

Sorry, forgot the wish you were before back. I really need to start editing.

Benteti5 said...

Sorry, still doesn't make sense. I think you caught my drift. Must take nap.

ML said...

I think we all need naps!