Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bottle Incident

We were sitting in the chapel at church, enjoying the service as much as we can with 5 little kids. One of my children wanted a pen to draw with. I picked up my bag and set it in my lap. Immediately, I feel a very cold wetness on my lap. At the same moment, my husband points to the floor and whispers, "Oh no!"

I look on the floor and huge puddle of milk is soaking into the carpet. I pull out the offending bottle from my bag. The lid wasn't screwed on all the way. My wallet is soaked. My cell phone is soaked. My checkbook is soaked. Next I pull out a size 5 diaper, open it up completely and then laid it down over the milk. I put my foot onto the diaper and pressed hard. Hubby leans over and whispers, "It's very absorbent." Thank goodness it was. We didn't leave too much of a mess behind us.


Lena Baron said...

OH I Hate That! Good thing it wasn't a smelly Pediasure like Caleb's bottles. Yuck!

becca said...

Ugh, yuck. I was was sitting behind you and I didn't even notice so you didn't draw much attention!