Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I just haven't felt like blogging lately.  I don't even read blogs much anymore.  I'm not sure what has changed in me, but right now, I'm just not into blogging.  I think one thing is I'm getting the opportunity to write in my personal journal every week.  That helps with all the adventures each week brings with the kids.  Plus, there is just nothing going on worth blogging about.

There's the kids.  They are busy.  Some days are very funny with them, some days are quite difficult.

We still don't have a family vehicle.  So, we are home a lot and that's OK.  Still, it makes going to church a logistical challenge.

I've been weaving when I have the chance.  I recently finished a scarf and I'm working on another.  I've got two projects in mind after I'm done with this scarf. 

I don't feel like cooking dinner anymore.

I went and saw the new Narnia movie.  Loved that!  Finally sat down and watched How to Train Your Dragon with the kids.  They've been begging me to watch that with them for two months.  I can check it off the list now.

With everyone home during the day, I'm wishing I had my own room again.  I need a place to escape and no where to go.  There is a kid in every room and they follow me.  I've been spending a lot of time in the garage lately.   

I guess it's a case of blogging blahs.  Perhaps I'll get back into it later.


SLC said...

I'm with you on the blogging thing. Notice how I'm reading this almost a week after you wrote it. Don't worry about it. It may come back, but it may not - do what makes you happy!

Anonymous said...

Molly, I spend a lot of time in the garage too. I don't have much to do in there but it is kind of my place. I have an old boom box out there so sometimes I go out there and listen to some mixed tapes from high school that I found in an old box of stuff that mom made me take home to my house. I set up the lawn chair, tinker with things and jam. My own little man cave.

Anonymous said...

by the way, this is Scott.