Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pizza Cereal

The other morning, my three year old asked me for pizza for breakfast.  We didn't have pizza.  She asked again for the breakfast pizza.  I had not made a breakfast pizza.  Frustrated with me, she showed me what she wanted - Honey Combs cereal.
Yeah, I guess it kind of looks like little pizzas.  So now, when I list the cereal choices to her, she gets to choose between cocoa bombs, pizza cereal, or the stuff in the red bag.

What to join us for breakfast?


SLC said...

What a funny girl! I wouldn't have thought of pizza either - glad you figured that one out.

Molly said...

We don't buy real Honey Combs cereal. We buy the cheap knock-off brand and it is a bit more circular, like pizza and less like a honey comb.

Linnea said...

I love little kid speak!

How's the move going?