Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Ultimate in Laziness: Part 2

I hope the irony of the last post was not completely lost. (I didn't even bother to capitalize the few words I typed.)

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but I haven't.  I've been too lazy.

Yesterday my sister and I were discussing our laziness.  Now truthfully, she is about the 3rd least lazy person I know.  The only two who come before her in unlaziness is my mother and my gran. So, my sister is not a lazy person, but she is feeling like she is and I'm feeling like I am.

I told my sister about a recent display of laziness I have begun to show:  the microwave.  The microwave is the most lazy way to cook something.  Turn it on and within seconds or minutes, the food is nuked and ready to eat.  How do you make cooking with the microwave lazier?  I'll tell you:

When I need to microwave something for one minute, I don't put in the 6 and the 0 to make sixty.  I push the 6 twice.  Why bother moving my finger from the 6 to the 0 when I can just do 66?  If the food needs 30 seconds, I do 33.  That way I don't have to move my finger to the zero.

That is the ultimate in lazy.

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SLC said...

That is truly the ultimate laziness. I actually considered buying those stick-on bows for the presents, but reconsidered it, again.