Saturday, August 17, 2013

Differences in the mind

When I look at the world, I see the colors and hear the music of nature.
When my 9 year old daughter looks at the world, she sees the math and logic in nature.

She asks very difficult questions.  She wants to know how the human brain works.  She calculates the numbers she sees in the everyday world.  She has an interest in biology.  Today she and I talked about arteries and veins.  When she cut her foot and it started to bleed, we wondered if the blood came from a vein or an artery.  Then we cleaned up her foot and she got a Band-Aid.

She wants to be a Kindergarten teacher.  I keep telling her that she needs to become a professor at a university.

The funny thing is, she says she dislikes math and claims that she is not good at it.  It is so not true!  She is very good at math.  The problem with learning math, is that it is hard to see how the information you learn could be practical.  I told her that I hated learning fractions.  I saw no point in learning how to add and subtract fractions.  Little did I know, I would use it everyday in the kitchen when cooking food for my family.  I've told her to give math a chance.  Someday, when she is ready to become a great scientist, or a Kindergarten teacher, she will understand why it was so important for her to learn equations.

Until then, I hope she never looses her interest in the world.  I hope she keeps asking hard questions.

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