Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life's pretty good

I finished my great novel.  I'm very happy with myself.  I've had three family members read it.  They are a great audience.  They have been helping me find mistakes, typos and generally making the story better.  It's been fun and now I'm working on the sequel.  Well, I have an idea for a sequel, but I haven't started working on it yet. 

Working at the parks is going well.  My job changed this month.  They call it a promotion.  Perhaps it is.  All I know is I'm still enjoying my job, working at the parks, driving county trucks around and looking all official. 

Kids are good.  We keep busy.  We get to celebrate two birthdays in one week in November!  Halloween with the gang was fun and we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving.  My oldest son is in a play at the high school.  Tomorrow is opening night.  I'm excited to go.  He is playing ten different characters.  It will be interesting to see how it works.

I started listening to Christmas music today.  I know it's awful early, but I just love it.

My mother, father, sister, youngest niece and mother-in-law all came for a visit this past weekend.  It was a full house, but so much fun.  I miss the rest of the family that couldn't be there, but my house was bursting as it was.  I never laugh harder than I do when my sister is around.  She is patient while I talk about my crazy ideas and latest interests.  We have a great time together.  I wish the visit could have lasted longer.

The chickens are good.  We've sold a number of our roosters, but it seems we still have more.  I wouldn't mind them, they are very entertaining, but they are so noisy.  The last thing I want to hear at three thirty or four in the morning are those dumb roosters crowing.  I sing to them most everyday when I go out to feed them.  "I've got to crow!  I'm just the cleverest fellow 'twas ever my fortune to know."  They aren't good about singing along, though.  We get 6-8 eggs a day from our lovely girls.  I take them treats (a slice of bread) every time I go out to see them.  It makes them happy.  Happy chickens are good!

Life is pretty good.  That's all there is too it.

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