Friday, September 14, 2007

No time

I don't seem to have time for my random thoughts anymore. I'm happy with what is going on in my home, but at the same time, I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and there is a sense of falling behind.

I was released from Primary on Sunday. The Primary is no longer my responsibility. I had such mixed feelings over that. Being Primary Pres was like having a fun, but huge sack on my back. I enjoyed the time and I will miss working with the kids the way I did, but at the same time, I can feel a bit more relaxed and not have to worry about what will next Sunday's sharing time be or where are all the teachers? I'm not sure what I'll do this Sunday. I'll probably make sure my three year old stays in Primary this week. She has a tendency to run off. I'm still doing activity day girls and cub scouts until new leaders are found, but that most likely won't be until the end of the month or October. I'm ok with that, I like those groups.

Even without all the primary responsibility, I still have so much on my plate. This week of school didn't feel quite as productive, although we had fun. I can't be too upset with myself. It was week 2 after all and I'm still learning. I'm probably doing more learning than my son this week.

Now, the weekend is here. When my husband gets home, I hope to pass off the toddler to him so I can do some good cooking, so good cleaning and write up my long "to do" list that I've got in my head. Oh, I was sewing a new apron for myself, but I cut out on panal of the apron wrong and now if I attatch it, it will be wrong side of the fabric out. AHHH! I was so close too, and this apron was going to look good and hold together, unlike my last one. I'm not good at this. So, do I cut a new panal? I think I've got enough fabric. Or, do I just sew the one on and let it be inside out? It is on the back anyway..... I don't know. I just want it done.


SLC said...

Sorry to hear about the apron. Isn't that frustrating - just when you thought you were about done?

checapo said...

I have been trying to read your blog more often. It is fun to see all you do. I don't know how you do it all. scott