Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rio Street

Our street that we must travel on everyday to leave the neighborhood floods badly when there is a rain storm.

Poor city planning!

We have nicknamed our street Rio Hatter. Hatter isn't the real name of the street, but I do my best to keep some things private and of course, Rio is Spanish for 'river' (Spanish is, I think, the official language of this city, even though it is in America).

Last Friday, Rio Hatter flooded many cars, including several city trucks that came to help those cars that were stuck in the flooded street. This evening, as I headed out for an alone trip to the grocery store for milk, Hubby and I noticed all the lightning in the area. "Watch out for Rio Hatter," he warned me.

It rained in town while I was out, but thankfully it didn't rain on Hatter Dr, yet. I was able to get out, get milk, and return home on a dry street. I'm home.... NOW it can rain!

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