Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweetest gift

My six year old daughter want to give everyone a Christmas present. Today she asked if she could give Santa Claus a present. I told he we will leave him some cookies.

"No," she said, "I want to give him a present. I want to give him the scriptures. Then he can read them to his elves and his wife."

I'm smiling big, "I think that is a very sweet gift."


Seth and Valen Baron said...

how cute! That just warms your heart! Much better than my niece on Sunday. We had to wait awhile for tithing settlement and towards the end she was like "Let's never come back! That bishop is taking tooooo long!" We had to explain to her that we did not have to wait like this every week and that we had to come back!

Linnea said...

So sweet!!!

Martie said...

That is so precious! I hope Santa appreciates (and uses) his special gift!!