Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cough, cough, hack

We've had a cough running through the family for who knows how many months now.  We can't seem to get over it.  As soon as you think you're good, you get it again.

I have a few theories:

1.  Blame it on the weather.  Yesterday it was 73 degrees.  Today is is 27 and snowing.  Last week it was 5 degrees and two days later it was 59.  Such extreme differences in temperature over a 24-48 hour period.
It's crazy!  That's got to do something to your body, right?

2. The house could use a deep cleaning to get rid of lingering germs.  Yes, this is quite true.  Sadly, it's not likely to happen. 

3.  The alignment of the planets.  Not understanding such things, I wouldn't know if Jupiter was in the 2nd house or not.  Oh no, wait, when the Moon is in the 2nd house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then we'll have world peace.  I think Neptune is currently aligned with Mercury and that's why we still have our coughs. 

4. An evil wizard named Lug put a curse on our house and we have the dreaded "Cloud of Cough" hanging over our home.  I need to find a Hogwarts graduate to see if they can remove the curse.

5. By continuously doing laundry, I'm keeping our family clean which means that our immune system isn't exposed to germs which means we get and stay sick.  Maybe I should quit doing laundry.

6.  The little kids who have coughs don't ever cover their mouths when they cough.  They cough on the table while we are trying to eat.  They cough in my face when I'm holding them.  They cough on the food.  And if by some miracle they do cover their mouth with their hands when they cough, they never wash their hands and then they touch me with their germ covered hands.

Personally, I'm thinking it's the evil wizard and the "Cloud of Cough" curse, but I guess I could be wrong.

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