Monday, March 07, 2011

The Doc Has Got it Wrong

I recently saw an article that was suppose to be about women's health.  The entire thing hit me wrong and I'll explain why.

The article begins with the good doctor at the gym.  Apparently he was recognized by some other man at the gym.  The man asked the doc, "Why is my wife always so tired?  She doesn't have the energy to do anything."  Several other men heard the question and gathered around the doctor to hear his great wisdom.

The doctor begins to explain that she probably has hormonal imbalance and if not treated, it could lead to worse problems.

DUH!  All women know this about themselves.  With all the lovely things our bodies have to go through during a 50 year time span, of course there is a hormonal imbalance.  The men of course, don't believe their wives, it took a male doctor to tell them these things.

But for me, that wasn't the worse part of the article.  Let's review the beginning.  The doctor and several men are at the gym.  Where are the tired wives the men asked the good doctor about?  Where are those tired women?  They are at home, wrestling with kids, cooking dinner and folding several loads of laundry.  They are helping kids with homework and vacuuming the floor where the toddler dumped cereal.  They are planning how to get teenage son to sports practice, daughter to piano and the youngest to his school play rehearsal.  This is after all the other things they did during the day.

Then, the men return home.  Dinner is cooking, the living room is vacuumed, the kids are done with homework.  He has worked out and is feeling good.  She is exhausted from the million and one things she did while cooking dinner.

Why are their wives tired?  Get home from the gym, let your wife go off on her own for a few hours, then you cook the dinner, clean the dishes, help the kids with their homework, and take the kids to their various activities.  See how you're feeling.  Are you tired?  It's probably a hormonal imbalance.


Linnea said...

Loved this! You're awesome Molly

Linnea said...

Oh--and it reminds me how grateful for a husband who "knows" why I'm tired some days

Anonymous said...

Hubby knows.