Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chair Survey Results

Well, here are the personality results of the amazing chair survey.  Does the description fit you?

Straight back kitchen chair:         
You are used to dealing with tough situations.  You follow the rules and you are strict, but fair.  Your friends and coworkers respect your ability to make decisions.  But like kitchen chairs, you also bring people together for good food.

Folding chair:    
You are adaptable.  At work, co-workers look to you during company changes because you always keep a cool head.  At home you are fun and always trying new things.  You bring people together and are a great host/hostess.  People feel relaxed and at-ease when they are with you.

Chair without a back:     
You don’t follow the rules.  Always looking for the alternative, you are creative and innovative.  Supervisors go to you when a new solution is needed for a problem.  You are not confined.  You never have your back against the wall and can see in all directions.  At home you are always looking for new projects that allow your creative juices to flow.

Big squishy arm chair:    
You are kind, friendly and welcoming like a comfortable sofa.  Co-workers and friends come to you when they need a friend.  You are a good listener and can give level-headed advice.  However, you will not be taken advantage of.  The big comfy armchair is also like a throne and you are like royalty.  You are respected and revered.

Rolling computer chair: 
You are a logical thinker with a flair for fun.  A problem solver, you are heavily relied on at work.  You can be depended on.  At home your logical side keeps the finances in order while the fun rolling side is great at rolling with the punches and seeing the cup of life half full.

Amazing, isn't it?  Any idea who might have done the exhaustive and creative research for this incredibly accurate survey?  It's me!  Yes, I know, I'm good!

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