Monday, July 16, 2012

My teen improv group

Back in April or May, I started an improv group for the local teens.  It has been a lot of fun and we've had eight kids coming regularly.  We've played a bunch of games, but I'm starting to see their favorites and what they do best in.

They are a funny group of kids.  They are all sci-fi geeks and I say that in the most loving way possible.  They love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who.  They are fans of The Muppet's, Lord of the Rings and Weird Al. 

In addition to doing improv, I'm going to introduce doing some sketches.  I'm writing one now called "An outer space survival guide."  We will draw on funny cliches and situations from their favorite sci-fi shows.

Recently we tried a new game.  It has no name that I know of, but you could best describe it like a biography show.  We choose a famous character, like Han Solo from Star Wars.  The kids have to create their own character and how they are related to Han.  They take turns coming to center stage with me.  I'm the interviewer. 

Me:  Welcome, may I have your name please?
Teen:  My name is Papa Lapa Shapa Lapa Ding Dong.
Me: Welcome Mr. Ding Dong.  Tell me, how do you know Han Solo?
Teen:  He use to come to my dance studio.  I taught him how to dance the cha cha.
Me:  Really?  Is Mr. Solo a good dancer?
Teen:  He is now. 

and it just goes on from there.  That little conversation was based on one of the characters one of the teens did.  I loved the name the kid used and he says it very fast, so it's really funny.  Each time we meet they get more and more creative.  They are also getting louder and louder as their excitement grows.  Someone get me some ear plugs!


Deb and Barbara said...

Sorry it's been so long since we checked in here, Molly! But this piece was great. And I'm just so thrilled to see you're able to bring unique theatrical experiences to the kids in your new 'hood. The improv dialogue made me laugh out loud!

Molly said...

Thanks so much Barb and Deb! We are having a fun time. I'm also doing a younger group (ages 7-12) but we haven't been meeting as long. They are funny and more willing in some ways to try new things.