Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Old ladies and irony

A bit of irony to brighten our day:  In the mail we received a packet of papers telling us we should donate to their cause to save trees.  (See the picture below.)  Yes, that is seven sheets of paper to tell us to save the trees. 

This next picture is small, but I'll describe it.  My son brought this home from school.  It has pictures of scary things you might find on halloween: bat, cat, owl, ghost, goblin, bones, wizards, and trick or treating.  However, the scariest thing of all is the first picture: OLD LADY!

Forget ghosts and goblins!  Watch out for the old lady!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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SLC said...

That is hilarious. I'll be sure to add and an old lady to my Halloween decorations.