Thursday, November 15, 2012

The room that is not a playroom

Between my five children, there are three bedrooms to play in.  So why is it they take all their toys, blankets, pillows and things out of their bedroom and put it into my laundry room?

The laundry room is also a bit of a storage room since we have no garage for those extra buckets of stuff.  The room is tight, dark, messy and a little stinky.  Why do they play in there?

When I go in to do the laundry and I can't even get to the door because of the tent city that has been placed in front of it. Once I have removed the tent city, I must carefully pick my way through into the room.  I bend down and start throwing blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, baby dolls, books, art supplies, and action figures out of the door and into the living room.  Finally I can reach the laundry.

It's not unusual for me to be rotating laundry and find toys, shoes and stuffed animals that accidentally got thrown into the wash.

I just want to shout: "You have your own room!  Leave me my space!"  And I do shout it.

On a similar rant, we have a trampoline and there are five beds for the kids in the house.  Why are they jumping on the couch?  Even after the 200 millionth time in the span of 14 years of motherhood that I have yelled at them to stop jumping on the couch, they still do it.  I just got a new slipcover for the couch.  It covers the seven years of abuse it has received at the hands of my children.  Every time they jump on the couch, the slipcover slips off and I re-tuck that thing in several times a day.

Just stay off the sofa!  Go to the trampoline!

This is a good humor rant, but a rant none-the-less.  :)


SLC said...

What a weird room for your kids to choose to play in. Do you remember sitting on top of dirty laundry in that strange built-in laundry hamper in the hall, and we would peek out that hinged lid and spy on people? Occasionally, we had toy guns sticking out or would put Coco in there and then forget about him? Good times. (for us, not Coco)

Linnea said...

Ha ha!!!