Monday, July 09, 2007

Mountains can grow!

Did you know that mountains grow? There aren't many in eastern Virginia, but one grew in my house. It was the ugly, stinky laundry mountain! Ahh! It took all day to work my way through it and I've still got some on the line outside drying in the last sun rays of the day, but the mountain has been crushed and the baskets are empty... for now.

It has been a hot, muggy day, and I'm glad. I love the way the sun shines and glistens on the pool. Our pool is on it's last summer and I will miss the way it sparkles in the sun shine.

I will be making a trip to visit family soon. My "To Do" list is a mile long and I'll probably end up doing a lot of scrambling on Friday. Even still, my social calendar is full and I'm glad. Tomorrow we are picking up a friend to come over to play. His mom sleeps all day because of her midnight job. His dad doesn't drive and he is going to summer school in the mornings. Can you imagine a more boring way to spend the summer? So, he is coming over tomorrow and we will all swim and the boys will all play X-Box and do all those great things that a kid should do in the summer. On the second Thursday of the month is the church ladies Lunch Bunch. During the summer, because of my pool and my lack of transportation, the Lunch Bunch is at my house. Usually there is just three of us, but I have a feeling this week's will be very busy. It will be fun to have all the ladies over to visit.

Tonight is family night. It really can be fun, when the kids are in a good mood. I'm making a cake for afterwards and I can smell it in the oven. Oooo, nothing like the smell of goodies cooking. It took us about six weeks, but we learned all the apostles' names. When my husband asked what we should memorize next, I suggested a scripture. I'm not sure which one yet, I'll have to find a good one later.

Have a lovely evening.


Benteti5 said...

That mountain has been known to grow at my house too:) Funny how that works.

SLC said...

I worked on my laundry yesterday too! I am finishing up today. I try to do a little every day, but if I get off my schedule - it all goes down the drain. I'm sorry to hear about your pool. Is it the tear that won't survive?