Thursday, July 12, 2007

pets and the law

I had a truly random thought this morning. I was unloading my dishwashing and thinking of what I'll be fixing for a lunch social today when somehow my mind switched to pets and the law.

When we first moved to Virginia, we checked to see if we are zoned to have chickens. We discovered some interesting things. First, we are not zoned for chickens. Then, we also found out that according to city law, only two types of pets are allowed in our zoned area, dogs and cats. That means people who keep fish, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters, or birds are all breaking the law. That means the pet stores in the area are selling illegal animals.

Ridiculous, isn't it. Who was dumb enough to write that law? Still, it is the law and I want to follow the law. Can I get a pet fish and feel good in my heart knowing that I'm "breaking" the law by having one? Of course this law is not upheld by law officials. Most of them probably have pet fish. No police officer is going to my neighbor's house and arresting them because they have a fish tank, but still, a part of my conscious tickles because their goldfish are "illegal" pets.

Well, like I said, a random thought and one that I shouldn't worry about. Since my husband and I can't agree on pets, we'll not be getting one anytime soon. They only thing we do agree on is a fish and chickens. So, until we move to our dream home on some land, the pets will wait.


SLC said...

have you considered pigs?

Benteti5 said...

I don't think fish are illegal because they're not considered pets, really. Pets are interactive, fish are only for looking. But bunnies are another thing. Here they are dog food.