Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boys will be boys

I looked out my kitchen window, just now and saw my two older sons jumping on the trampoline. They are laughing and jumping and flicking underware at each other. They each have a pair of their undies and they are shooting it like a rubber band at each other. Obviously, it is tremendouly funny to them.

What is it about boys? What is it about an underware fight is so hilarious? We live on a busy street. Anyone who walks by or drives by can see this going on. I'm horrified and amused at the same time. Do I let them have their underward fight, or do I stop it?

Ugg, boys!


SLC said...

I say as long as they're still WEARING underwear, let them have their fun. I think by now, none of your neighbors will be surprised with all of your family's crazy antics (burning pumpkins in your backyard, abandoning your children forcing them to go to the neighbors house looking for you when you were actually in the garage the whole time, having your 4-year old girl escape from your house with no shirt on whether it's warm or cold out, etc.) What's a little underwear fight between brothers??

SLC said...

OH, and should I mention the time your car horn wouldn't shut off until you disconnected the fuse? I mean really sis, you might as well throw a couch on the front porch, get a mangy dog and change your name to Erma!!