Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Run Away Mom

Can I run away today? My youngest didn't get much sleep last night. That is his own fault, but he makes the rest of us suffer when he doesn't get enough sleep. He and his sister can't get along. He wants whatever toy she has. When she doesn't give it to him or she takes it back, he screams a horrible scream. It honestly makes my nerves jump when he lets out a scream like that. Most people would think he had just broken his arm because of the way he screams. No, he is just mad. What do I do to stop him from screaming like a banshee when he doesn't get his way? I've tried popping him in the mouth and telling him don't scream, but he does it again and again and again. He refuses to nap too and I can't hold him. He is too strong for me to stuggle with and my big baby belly just doesn't give me the lap room to hold him in.

So, I was working with my homeschooler and asking him a question. He didn't know an answer and spent more time hitting his head with his hand in a supposed deep thought than he actually spent time thinking. While he is doing this, he sits on his desk, knocking it over. As bad as it is to do that, he had a cup of milk on his desk. I didn't know that was there. The milk went everywhere all over his books, his calculator, and the floor.

Today is a rare day for me that I get the van. But the 2 year old is in a horrible mood and just throwing constant tantrums and crying spells because he is so tired. I wanted to get some copies of pictures at Sam's Club so I could give them to Grandmothers as gifts, but last night hubby told me we went over in our checking account. No money, again. He tells me I should use the credit card, like he does, but I can't stand the debt and I am not going to add to it. What errands can I run with a tired toddler and no money?

I guess it isn't all that bad. I'm in a bad mood today, I guess. I need to get moving. My hubby has had a headache for two weeks and has been in a terrible mood about it. Of course, he won't do anything about it but take pain relief meds and complain. I guess his mood is rubbing off on me. All I know is, if when we get old and he has a lot of medical problems, I'm going to have to get him a private nurse and I'm going to get my own apartment.


Benteti5 said...

That's funny, well, guess not so funny for you, but funny because I think a lot of us Moms feel like that often. I say let them have the underwear fight, who cares what the neighbors think. The screaming, I don't know what to say, I hate screamers too. Ignore him, lock him in the car, I give up. About the aged husband, helloooo Dr. Kevorkian. Evil laugh, hahaha.

SLC said...

What a rotten day - I'm sorry. Maybe you can get hubby thinking he has a brain tumor and he'll be scared enough to go to the doctor. Being married to a mild hypochondriac, I he does that on his own - but with a macho husband, maybe that will work. Good luck. This is what I did for my screaming toddler (unneccesarily loud screams), I sprayed him in the face with a spray bottle every time he let out a shriek - good parenting? Heck no, but when it's between hurting them and squirting a little water on their face, I picked the water.