Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday clean up

I really haven't thought of much to write about lately. There are a hundred things going on and I stay so busy, but at the same time, nothing really to write.

A few things going on around here:

My 2 year old son is potty-training. He is very young, just turned 2 last month. He is doing alright. We aren't making this a serious effort and if he has accidents, oh well. He is aware of his body and even when he has on a diaper, he will let me know if he needs to go pee. It's messy and the bathroom stinks. I'll be cleaning the floors really good again later today.

Our Christmas plans are on hold at the moment. We were going to my husband's family for Christmas. I was having some anxiety about the trip - 4 kids in the airport for hours, 4 kids on a plane for many more hours, the in-laws pets, and finding a place to sleep everyone once we are there. Still, we were all very excited about seeing the grandparents and all the aunts, uncles and cousins there. Now we found out last night that a one way plane ticket was bought by accident by my mother-in-law. We can get there, but we couldn't get home. A large amount of money was spent and if you have ever looked at one way plane tickets, they are more expensive than just a regular round trip. For the 6 of us to get back home, it would cost a lot more money. So, we are thinking of the possiblities, cancel the trip and go next month for half as much money, go anyway and just spend the money to get home, drive? The drive would be nice but it would be a three and a half day journey each way. Basically, we would get there Christmas Eve and leave around the 28 or 29 to get home intime for school to start and without hubby taking off anymore leave. So, we are waiting to hear from hubby's parents. They are the one to make the decision. There isn't much time to think. Christmas is coming soon.

Anything else? Nope, homeschool, potty training and Christmas travel are taking up much of my thoughts. My mind is busy with those things, but my body is busy with laundry, weekend recovery clean up, and tortilla making.

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SLC said...

I still can't believe that kid is potty training!! I just chased William down because he had a poopy diaper - he didn't seem to mind even though he was walking like he had been riding a horse all day!!