Thursday, April 07, 2011

How long do you hold onto a dream?

We all have dreams, right?  I'm not talking about the strange ideas that our brain creates while we sleep, I'm talking about dreams.

I've mentioned several times how I have so many great ideas that I could write a huge book of just the ideas alone.  Some of them are simple ideas and some are quite elaborate.  Some of the dreams are unreachable, some seem like they could become real but they depend on circumstances beyond our control, and some dreams are most defiantly in my control.  Confused?  I'll give some examples:

Unreachable dreams:  To be a beautiful Broadway actress with an amazing voice.  Yeah, not happening.

Could be real, but too much is beyond my control:  Having a book published.  It could happen, but it depends on the whims and wants of publishers.

Dreams in my control:  Getting my Master's degree.  All I have to do is go to school.  Easier said than done, but all within my control.

Is this making a little more sense?  I hope so.  How long should I hold onto these dreams before giving them up?  How long should I continue to send in query letters to publishers before I give up on the idea of ever getting published?  What keeps me from really pursuing the dreams within my own control?  Is it fear of failure?  Fear of humiliation?  Fear of the lack of money?  I think fear of failure is my biggest demon holding me back from those reachable dreams.  Sure, there are other things like the kids have been too young for me to be able to devote much time into getting a Master's degree and I know that, but really, fear of failure keeps me from trying too hard.

Am I the only person who has these problems?  How long do I hold onto a dream?  A year?  Five years?  Twenty years?  A life time?  Is it better to try and fail than never try at all?  I'd feel really bad if I failed.  But to never know what could have been........

This blabbing and rambling is just that.  Me thinking out loud.  Perhaps it is time to get out of my comfort zone and really work at one of those reachable dreams.  Then again, maybe I'll just stay right where I am and enjoy the idea of the ideas.


SLC said...

You know I know what you mean. Do I ever. I don't know the answer to your question. How long? I don't know. I think our brains must be on the same wave-length because I've been thinking about the same thing. At one point, I was on the path to accomplishing my dreams but then had to give it all up to have a family. How do I reconcile that? Do I make up new dreams that I know I have little chance of accomplishing or learn from the past that nothing I "want" matters, I'm not the one in control (if I want to do what's right)? Tough questions.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is an answer to that question. I also think that dreams change and evolve into other dreams. Dreams keep us moving. You'll always have them and it's a good thing. And if some of them are never realized, that's fine too. I strongly believe in going with the flow.
By the way, I love your music. Great choices.