Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer approaches!

My kids have just four weeks of school left!  AHHHH!

Next week, I take my youngest son to the school for Kindergarten registration!  AHHHH!

It's time to start planning our annual Monkees Marathon!  YEAH!

I'm working on a huge dream I've had for years!  WOAH!

OK, enough of that.  Yes, the kids summer vacation is coming up.  It's getting hot enough here that I've had to turn on my A/C twice.  Just for an hour or so in the afternoons, but still....  There hasn't been any rain since probably September.  The desert is dry and dusty.  It's also the windy season and there is a lot of orange dirt in the air.  I look forward to the rainy season.

I'm using my clothes line a lot.  It's great.  The sun is hot out here. The top of my head will burn after about two minutes in the sun.  So, I have some awesome hats that I keep by the doors for when I go outside to water the garden or hang laundry.

I'm working on a big project right now.  I don't want to say just yet, but each day I think about it a little more and work on it a little more and I'm getting very excited that this just might happen.  Biggest obstacle now is a location for my project.  If I can find a location, then it will be all ahead full. I want this to happen this summer and with only four weeks to go before school lets out, I need to double my efforts.  I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, really, but it's going to be exciting.....  I'll announce it when it gets closer to happening.

Obligatory Photo:  Our cat.  Have you ever seen a more uncat-like pose?

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Lena Baron said...

I am very excited to hear about your big project!! Good Luck!