Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Scary Hotel

A favorite blog inspired me to write this little story:

A little over a year ago I got to go to Detroit.  I spent four days and three nights there.  I was several blocks away from the downtown area.  Now, I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about downtown Detroit, but I have to say, the actual downtown area was very nice.  The skyscrapers were impressive and the streets were nice.  Now, you leave the immediate downtown area and things get pretty scary pretty fast.
I was about three blocks away from the downtown in a cheap hotel. 

There is no way to really describe the hotel and do it justice. I didn’t feel entirely safe.  The room was quite large, painted pink and had one 60 watt light-bulb in it.  It was dark.  In one corner of the room was, from what the manager told me, a Jacuzzi.  Yes, a Jacuzzi right in my room!  However, as I checked in, he told me the Jacuzzi didn’t work.  It was in a corner of the room and it was so dark in that corner, I couldn’t even see the bottom of the dark green tub. For all I knew, there could have been a dead body in there.  Even though the Jacuzzi didn’t work, I was probably charged extra just for the pleasure of having the view of one in my room.

There were bugs in the shower and I saw several on the bed.  Thankfully for me, the room had a couch.  I prefer to sleep on couches anyway, but after seeing the bugs in the bed, I wasn’t sleeping there.  The couch probably wasn’t much better, but I never actually saw a bug on it.

The last night I was there, there was a lot of activity going on in the halls.  I didn’t sleep well.  I kept the door locked and bolted, but someone tried to get into my room about three in the morning.  I think the people were quite drunk because I finally heard one of them say, “oops, wrong door!”
The only thing that room had going for it was Wi Fi.  I was able to hook up to the Internet and write a bad review of the hotel.  Stay Away!
The super pink hotel room

The dark corner with the mysterious Jacuzzi.  The flash from the
camera makes it look lighter than it actually was in the room.

This summer, as a family, we ended up stopping quite late one night in Flagstaff on our way to see extended family.  Some huge motorcycle convention must have been going on.  Every hotel we stopped at was full and the parking lots were filled with motorcycles.  We finally found a motel that was probably built in the 50’s.  Judging from the décor in the room, it still had its original furnishings.  I think the bedding and pillows were original too.  Our entire family slept in one room on the beds, and all over the floor.  Now, this was in July and the window A/C didn’t work.  As Flagstaff is high elevation, the outside air did cool down, but not in our room.  I hardly slept.  It was too hot.  I should have slept outside in the open air, but I was afraid of some motorcycle gang from the hotel next door might see me sleeping on the patio.  Hubby wasn’t impressed with the room at all, but I have to say, I never saw a bug in the room during our 10 hours in the motel. (Except for the dead one smashed on the bathroom wall next to the toilet, but hey, at least it was dead.)


Deb and Barbara said...

Oh, so shudder worthy!! Okay, but I do have to ask: you prefer to sleep on a l couch than a bed??? Call me spoiled, but I like a flat surface and sheets and all (but noooo not bug filled ones!!)
xo B

Molly said...

I do prefer a couch. Years ago, when I was pregnant with kid #4, I could hardly sleep and I had a terrible cough. To give my husband some relief from my tossing and coughing, I went downstaris to the couch. I slept for the first time in months. After the baby was born, I planned on going back to sleeping on the bed, but the baby wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him. The couch just worked better for us. Well, I finally got so use to sleeping there, I've never really been able to comfortably go back to a bed.

Whatever I sleep on, I also prefer bug-free.

SLC said...

Molly, that is scary. I'm glad you didn't go home with bed bugs or something. Yikes.

best hotel in manila said...

Whew!! What an unforgettable experience you got there. The pink room looks beautiful for me except for having a dark corner in it with a not-working-jacuzzi and bed bugs. Glad you made it through.