Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Whirlwind

My three year old is a whirlwind.  She’s as sweet as they come, but a complete whirlwind. 
Each day for the last few weeks, she has taken to sorting through all of our movies.  She pulls each one out and asks me what it is.  Aside from watching a lot of Blues Clues lately, she has also been into watching The NeverEnding Story, Mr. Bean, The Berenstain Bears and Baby Einstien.  The problem is she doesn’t put any of the movies back.  I find them all over the floor.

She does the same with all of the kid books.  This last week, we’ve read Fancy Nancy’s Halloween many times.  There have been a lot of other books we’ve read, too.  They are all over the floor.
She loves to wear shoes that are not her own.  So, all over the living room and dining room I’ll find everyone’s shoes.  Then, when we need to go somewhere, I can’t find her shoes because she took them off in some odd place so she could put on her brother’s shoes.

She can make a mess of toys in her room faster than a desert dust devil.  It’s a talent.
She loves to tell knock, knock jokes.  Some of them are quite funny.  Most of them don’t make sense, but you laugh anyway because her delivery of the joke is fantastic.

She cut some of her hair this week.  It’s never good when a three year old cuts their own hair, but she didn’t do a bad job, surprisingly.  They are almost like bangs.  I don’t mind bangs, but when the rest of her hair reaches the middle of her back, a small section of above the eyebrow bangs is very short.
She thinks that she is going to grow up into a baby.  Nothing you can say will change her mind on this.  She often tells me that when she grows up into a baby, she will have a bottle, wear baby clothes, and play with baby toys.  You just have to agree with her.  She can’t be swayed in her idea.

She climbed into some of the cupboards recently to get food coloring.  She applied it very well and didn’t make a mess of it.  I just wish she had not done that.
My little Peanut, what a gal.


SLC said...

That girl is something else. I want to see a picture of her bangs! I'm glad I'm not alone in these adventures. Today I found Rose crawling across the gas range with her blankie. Can we say fire hazard?

Deb and Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, so cute!!! I remember those days -- they feel soooo long ago.

PS good luck with your new theatre season!! Barbara

Molly said...

Thanks Brabara! This girl of mine is a mess, but she is so much fun for me. We have this year and next year home just the two of us while the others are in school. So special for me to have this time with her.