Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Abandoned Blog

I’ve not written in a long time. It isn’t that I’ve forgotten or that there have been no thoughts to discuss, but I just haven’t been able to really get on and type. (I don’t guess it matters a whole lot, since my sister is the only one who reads this. Hey Sis!) The kids always make it hard. I’ve already been up and down more times that I can keep track of while writing this. I’ve given lots of hugs and kisses, gotten up a few times to help my son with his breakfast, get him off of the chair he climbed into, gotten two cups of milk, and gotten a toy out for my princess. It takes a lot of energy to write. No, there have been many random thoughts and little energy to sit and write them out. I spent the weekend in a bad mood too. It started with a trip to the dentist – I Hate the Dentist!!!!! and the weekend ended with a long two hour “fight/argument” with my husband. Things have been eating at me for months and months and I finally blew up on Sunday. So, until yesterday, I haven’t been in the mood either. Yesterday I tried to write, but some how while I was typing, my hand hit a key that backed me out of my blog and I lost all that I had done. So, here today, I present, two other entries that would have happened had things gone better.

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