Monday, August 20, 2007

more random happenings

As the day has progressed, I've thought of more things and my kids have reminded me of some things too.

In the earlier post about Jenny Jenna, I mentioned how at Jenny Jenna's house, there would be trick-or-treating. My three year old daughter has not given up on the idea. She has been talking about Halloween and trick-or-treating ever since. Last night she was very upset and almost histerical about we were not going trick-or-treating. She found in one of my drawers, a Halloween bow, for hair. At the stores, the Halloween and fall exhibits are up. Even though it is still more than two months away, Halloween is every where and my daughter doesn't understand time. She is currently working on her Halloween drawings.

My youngest son seems to be in the halloween spirit too. At least the decorating part is. This afternoon, he got hold of a blue marker that his sister left out. (Thank goodness they are non-toxic) He drew all over his hands and legs, ate it of course and has blue on his lips, and then he went crazy. While I was cross stitching, something I love to do and don't get to enough, the little marker fiend drew all over several brand new books that great-gran sent to them today. He drew on a wooden alphabet puzzle and he also drew on the carpet and on the sofa. He decorated himself and my house.

My youngest is 21 months old (I think, I quit counting after they reach 18 months and are old enough to go to nursery at church). He can be quite the mess maker - Blue Hand, Weilder of the Marker of Mess, the Terror of the House.

I love to cross stitch, but when things like this happen, I don't get around to it often.

Would you?


SLC said...
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SLC said...

Sorry about that previous deleted comment. What I meant to say was that I like the blue marker, but I would have gone with purple if I were him. Good luck cleaning that mess up!