Sunday, August 12, 2007

summer fun and setting the story straight

I have sat down to type 4 times now. My kids are working against me. Actually, it is mostly my youngest making this difficult. I have been so scatter-brained lately and very busy. It has been a social week and I really don't enjoy being so social. On Tuesday was book club. Luckily for me, it wasn't at my house, like the book club meetings normally are. On Thursday was lunch bunch. These use to be at different ladies homes, but because it is summer and I have a pool in my back yard, all the lunch bunches are at my home. A little get together that should last two hours usually turns into four hours. Then, on Friday, we had a big pool party/BBQ. We had 14 people, not including our family of six and two couples didn't show up. My husband plays in the pool all evening with the kids while I chat with our guest. It was nice, but I'm partied out.

I have also been spending the time since coming back from my trip, putting things away that I brought back with me. For instance, my trombone. Where do I put my trombone? I played it in the high school marching band. It can't go in the garage or attic, but I can't find a home for it either. I've been going through a million photos and programs and other memorbilia from my childhood, putting it into photo albums and scrapbook pages. After about 30 pages, I quit for now. I'll go back to it later.

We have four weeks of summer left. I think I'm actually one of the few parents who don't want school to start. We have fun during the summer and while the house is extra noisy and there are a lot more fights to break up, I like having the kids all home. We have fun and the schedule is free.

My sister wrote a post that was much to kind for me last week. Sisters are so wonderful. I feel bad my daughter has three brothers and no sister. Friends come and go, kids grow up, but your sister is always your sister and I'm grateful for mine. Just to set the record straight, though, I didn't try and sell her. My friend, Lizzie, did try. Have you ever seen the comic strip, One Big Happy? If so, you know little Ruthie is often selling her good art by the road for 10 cents. Well, my friend Lizzie and I would try this too, selling our art in front of my house. Well, one day Lizzie got the idea we should sell my sister. She was, after all, a small child and annoying as small children often are. I didn't really want to sell my sister, but I didn't have the nerve to tell my friend no. Finally I told her that my parents would be really upset if we sold my sister and I told her we better not do it. So, really, I didn't try to sell her.

Have you ever seen the poem by Shel Silversten? One sister for sale, one sister for sale, one crying and spying young sister for sale!

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SLC said...

Tell yourself whatever you have to to make yourself feel better, Sis. I hope you have a quiet week and a break from people!