Wednesday, August 20, 2008


You ask any stay at home mom and I'm guessing just about most any woman what is the number one thing to do on her TO DO list and the answer would be - Laundry.
Incredible isn't it?

As we are a family of seven, there is always plenty of laundry to be done. But what really amazes me is when I do mine and my husband's laundry. Hubby wears two sets of clothes a day, a suit and tie to work and then short or pants and t-shirts at home. I wear one set of clothes each day.

So, why in the world when I do our laundry is my pile twice as big as his? I don't get it.

My 4 year old always has the biggest pile. She loves to wear and change clothes and she dumps all the clothes she wears all over her floor. When I go to collect laundry from her room, I'm never sure if I'm getting dirty or clean clothes. In the end, it all gets washed and she has a pile that is bigger than anyone elses.

I'm not even going to into what odd little things I find in the laundry, like toys and rocks. And the missing socks.... well, I have a basket where I collect them and then after a while I'll go though the basket and match socks, but there are always a few with no match. Where did they go?

I think aliens are the cause of the laundry oddness.

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Janie said...

I have the girls who love to change clothes 3 times a day or more. So I made it a game, whoever has the least amount of clothes (meaning they put forth some effort to reuse towels, rewear jeans etc.) gets a treat of some sort. It works a little, but it is still amazing how much laundry I do. I would still trade doing laundry over kitchen duties anyday. I hate it all in there - planning menus, grocery shopping, doing dishes - and the WORST in my opinion is mopping!