Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wallet appeal

What is it about wallets that attracts small children? All of my kids have at one point during their one year old time when they have loved to get a hold of my wallet and empty it's contents.

My fourth son managed to loose my drivers licence for a few weeks when he was little. Peanut has joined the list of wallet attackers. Every chance she gets, she opens it up and pulls out the drivers licence, the library card, Sam's Club, health insurance cards, any business cards I keep, and if I have any, money. The also likes to pull out the little pictures I keep in my wallet.

I find the contents of my wallet strewn all over the floor. This last time I had to do a little digging for my drivers licence. She let it slide under the couch.

I need a kid proof wallet.

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Stephen said...

Hi Molly -- This is Steve Riden -- Gran and I were just reading your blog (I'm visiting Rochester this weekend). The stories about the kids are great! Anyway, thought you'd like to know that you've added some new readers. I'm sending the link to you blog to Gran so she can read it any time. Hope you guys are doing well.

Steve & Gran