Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I think I'm going to rename Peanut. Her new name is going to be Peanut Trouble Big-Mess Surname! This girl is trouble! She spends her days making trouble and messes. I can't keep up with her.

This morning alone, she dumped a bowl's worth of corn flakes on the table, opened the container of lentils with her jaws of steel, got a hold of a pen and drew all over some church papers as well as all over herself. She pulled a chair up to the refridgerater, climbed up and started pushing the water dispenser which poured water all over the kitchen floor. She has jumped on the couch, fallen off the couch, jumped on her mattress and rolled off of it (don't worry, the mattress sits on the floor). She woke up her dad and her brother this morning by going into their rooms and chatting with them. All of this with the normal playing of toys. It's nine in the morning and she has been quite busy.

Yep, I think a name change is order. Good thing she's been so cute about it all.

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SLC said...

You'll have to make that name an acronym. Good luck keeping up with her - very curious means very smart!