Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The great escape

We had been out for a little while, gotten home, unloaded our stuff and I was hearing the call of nature.  I took two steps in the direction of the restroom and my daughter stopped me.
"Mom, would you zip my dress?"  She turns around and I zip her up.  Before I can move, my son is holding out his Halloween costume.
"Mom, open this for me!"  Peanut gets in between him and I and starts to fuss because she wants to see the picture of the costume on the front of the package.  I take the package from him and open it.  Peanut cries because she wants to hold it.  My son is asking for me to help him take off his shirt so he can put on his costume.  My oldest daughter is trying to talk to me, Peanut is crying and my son is trying his best to pull of his shirt. 
Meanwhile, I'm getting desperate.  "Please, let me go to the bathroom, I promise I'll be right back to help you."
I run down the hall, Peanut follows and is still crying.  I make it to the bathroom, shut the door and lock it.  Peanut is standing outside the door screaming.  I've got a book in the bathroom.  Maybe I won't come out after all.

(You know what's really funny?  To hear a two year old crying at you, "I'm done crying!" Obviously, they're not.)

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Lena Baron said...

Fabulous Post!! I felt like a fly on the wall watching the whole thing;) I hope you enjoyed your book for a while! I know that's Leif's designated escape.:)