Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homeschool Review Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 was quite short - 2 days.  On Wednesday of that week, Hubby took the three older kids to California with him.  They went to Sea World and the beach.  My daughter learned a lot about oceans and ocean animals.  I think it was a wonderful experience for her.  She loved collecting shells and her favorite thing to see at Sea World were the Sting Rays.  They were in a shallow pool and could be touched.  She said they were soft and nice.  Before her trip, we did the normal school day stuff.  Math sheets.  She is having trouble with the basic addition up to 20, so pretty much for math, even this last week and this coming week, that's what we are doing.  She has read three Magic Tree House books now and has started her fourth.  I'm so happy she is enjoying them.

Last week (Week 4) was a lot of fun.  It was hard to get back to the ole routine on Monday after such a holiday, but we did and the week went well.

Grammar and phonics are still going along.  We're skipping some of the basic phonics in her book because she knows it and we are getting into the blend words.

In science we did matter.  We had various experiments we performed with gasses and liquids.  I wish I could remember, but I'm drawing a complete blank right now, but we had 5 different experiments.

We're doing a little American History now.  We read a book about Sacajewea and have books on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Liberty Bell and the Mayflower to read about.  Those might seem like random bits of history, but they have a purpose.  We are working on some badges for her American Heritage Girls (AHG).  One of them is American History and they want the girls to learn about those people, events and symbols. 

We had a scrapbooking day.  It was also for her AHG.  We are taking pictures of the things she is doing and keeping an AHG scrapbook.  It was a lot of fun and quite the mess.

We did some other art and poetry, as well as other various odd activities, too. 

It was a busy week.

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