Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In the name of education!

In the last week:

We spent an hour tearing newspapers into strips, and gluing them onto balloons and a cup.  Hopefully when they dry we will have 2 papier mache pumpkins and one Liberty Bell.  It's all for education!

Yesterday we spent several hours watching YouTube videos on the color wheel, making our own color wheel and going through our clothes to see how the color wheel was used in the design of our favorite t-shirts.  It's all for education!

As soon as I can find some good clay or Play-Doh, we will be making little clay figures to represent Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea for a shoe-box diorama.  It's all for education!

We spend some time putting together a 100 piece puzzle, realized two pieces were missing and discussed how to figure out how many pieces we did have.  It's all for education!

We blind folded each other and fed each other foods to test 2 of our 5 senses.  It's all for education!

We dipped some candles (badly), but had a lot of fun.  It's all for education!

We went to the grocery store and talked about what we needed to cook foods that were good for us.  It's all for education!

We went to the library and picked out several Magic School Bus videos and enjoyed vegging on the couch while we learned about sound waves and meteors.  It's all for education!

I love our way of learning.

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