Wednesday, November 17, 2010

can I leave?

I'm having a rough day.  I just want to get in my van and drive away to the mountains of Colorado and get lost in it's beauty.  That's about  9 - 10 hour drive.  When we moved here, I expected that I would be able to go to Colorado once in a while.  I've been to Colorado once in the two years since we moved here and was seriously disappointed.  I drove through the entire state north to south.  I didn't see a single mountain the entire trip because the state was covered in low storm clouds.

I keep telling myself it was a sign that I need to forget about ever going to Colorado.  I went there, didn't see my beautiful mountains and so I never will.  Still, the idea makes me sad.

However, today I want to go.  I'd even take my little kids with me, but I can't go.  The older kids need to be picked up from school.  There are piano lessons and scouts.  There is a house to clean, homework to do, laundry to be folded, dinner to be cooked and that ever present money issue for the purchase of gas for the van.

I almost left for Colorado last night.  I started down the road, when I remembered something important I had forgotten at home.  I was forced to turn around and so, here I still am.  Oh well. 

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Lena Baron said...

You've been in my thoughts. I hope things are looking up. We look forward to seeing you. Take Care!