Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy kids, happy pet

My kids have had a fun week.  They have played more than schooled.  Play is important, though.  They've played with their toys.  They've hidden away in their rooms and had adventures.

Kids learn a lot when they play and it keeps them happy, which make me a much happier mom.

We got a cat back in April.  I've pretty much hated it.  He has been mean and naughty since we got him.  Several times I've been on the verge of taking him to the animal shelter.  He would run out the door every time it was opened and because we had decided he was to be an indoor cat, I or the kids had to chase him down and bring him back.  Well, last week he got out and this time, I just shut the door on him.  I didn't care if I never saw him again.  Several hours later, I heard him meow at the door.  I opened it and he came in.  We've been letting him out now and many times he has stayed out overnight.  He always returns.  And do you know what?  He has become a better cat!  He doesn't fight us or bite us.  He doesn't attack my 6 year olds legs when she walks through the house  and he isn't getting into trouble in the house anymore.  Whatever adventures he is having when he is outside has taken care of his aggression.  Thank goodness!

Well, it's about time for our walk.  I don't like the time the walks take.  It takes a big chunk of school time right in the middle of the best time of day for school work.  But, I need the walk, in more ways than one.  I guess I had better get dressed and get the kids dressed warmly.  It's getting chilly!

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