Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The tree in my house

We've got a vaulted ceiling in our living room.  It's got to be 12 feet at its highest.  We have an artificial tree that is 6 feet tall.  It looks very puny in such a high ceiling room.  This year we decided to get a real tree.  Hubby and his dad cut it down themselves.  We brought it home on top of our vehicle like it was a prize buck.  It survived 13 hours strapped to the top of the SUV. 

How do you get a 12 foot tree to stand?  Well, we had to buy a heavy duty stand.  Hubby was sad, though when he realized to even get the tree into the stand, he would have to cut off a number of branches off the bottom.  Well, he cut off the bottom branches, put it in the stand and brought that huge tree into the house.  It scrapped the top of our 12 foot ceiling!  To get the tree topper on the tree, we had to cut another 5 inches off the top. 

That sucker is huge!  I've never had a tree that tall before.

So, the next step was to figure out if I had any working lights for the tree.  I must have sat for 15 minutes testing out a strand of blue lights and trying to figure out which bulb was the broken one.  Half of the strand was lit, half was not.  It took a while, but I finally found the bulb and replaced it.  Now, the next task was to figure out how to get lights around  the top of the tree.  Me, climbing a ladder, can only get so high.

With good teamwork on Hubby and my part, we got lights on the top 3rd of the tree.  Then I ran out of lights.  I guess I'll have to get some more.  That is one tall tree!  I can't wait until we can finish decorating it.  I'll defiantly get a picture.  Until I get out and buy more lights, the tree is going to wait with lights wrapped 1/3 of the way around it. 

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SLC said...

Lets just hope this one doesn't get pulled down like in the past! It could kill someone! How fun - take some pictures with little Peanut standing next to it for the full effect!