Monday, November 15, 2010

Parades: The volume of the spectators

On Saturday, I enjoyed going to the Veteran's Day parade in the downtown area.  This is my second year to watch the parade.  Last year, my two Boy Scouts marched.  This year, my American Heritage Girl marched/rode on a float.

I loved watching the old cars drive by with horns honking and the motorcycles in their many varietites and sizes.  I love watching the Vets ride by in floats or march by in pride. Music played in the background.  I LOVED the marching bands.  They are fun to watch, fun to hear, fun for me to march down memory lane and my high school marching days.  The Cub and Boy Scouts marched past.  The Girl Scouts marched past.  The American Heritage Girls marched past.  Even the the library had several librarians march in the parade.  Each librarian pushed a cart of books and they handed out pencils.  Many groups tossed candy at my three children who joined me on the side of the road.

It was great fun! I was surprised, however, by the spectators.  Most of them just clapped politely when the Vets went by.  Other wise, they simply waved.  Me, on the other hand, cheered and yelled.  When the bands would march by, I was yelling, "Go Band!" and "Alright drum line!"  When the Boy Scouts passed by, I yelled, "Yeah Boy Scouts!"  and I yelled hi to them as they marched passed.  When the librarians walked by with their carts of books, I yelled, "Yay, Library!"  And of course, when my daughter went by on her float, I yelled to her, took lots of pictures, and waved like crazy.

I was the only one cheering on the parade as they passed.  The people on either side of me left partway through the parade.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am very respectful of the US Flag, and the more serious and patriotic moments in the parade.  I know when not to yell and when to stand in respect and reverence. Still, I thought parades were more fun and I like to happily acknowledge those who make the effort to make the parade great.  Maybe I'm just a noisy Texan in New Mexico, but I know I wouldn't have nearly as much fun at the parade if I didn't yell and cheer.

We are all watching the parade pass us by, but at least I'm noisily happy while it goes by.

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