Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Those crazy kids and their music!

Permit me a little rant here, OK?

The kids have been home for the summer for the last two months.  We've had a lot of fun, but there are a few things that go on each summer that kind of bug me. 

Cue old lady voice: Back when I was young, I respected my elders!

Well, to really know the truth, you would have to ask my mother...
When I was 11 years old, the Monkees were in their 20 year reunion.  I loved watching the show on TV, everyday.  I got the cassette tapes of their albums and listen to and sang along with all the songs.  My parents really didn't like the Monkees.  Wrong generation, I guess.  They were fine with me watching the TV show and listening to the music, but I knew that they didn't like them.  I tried to be considerate of this and I only listened to the music in my room.  I never watched the TV show when they were around and I tried not to talk about them much when my parents were around.

Now, we move ahead 25 years and I've got my own kids.  They have their own music that they like.  I don't like everything they do, but that's OK.  However! They play their music on my computer in the living room, very, very loudly.  Some of the music, I like, but even then, I get tired of it blasting in the living room.  They have music players in their room that they can use, but I guess they just love the sound of the music in the front room.  They know I don't like a lot of their music, but they play it anyway.  The front room opens to the kitchen, so I hear it when I'm in the kitchen.  My loom is in the front room...  You get the idea.  I knew my parents didn't like the Monkees and I respected that.  My kids don't respect the fact that I can't stand most of their music.

Am I sounding old???
Yep, I guess I am.  Old lady voice again: Them youngens and their music.  I just don't understand what those whippersnappers hear in all that noise. 

Alright, rant over.  Thank you for your patience.  Time to go watch some Monkees.

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