Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now what was I thinking?

Yesterday I thought up about four great blog entries.  I wrote one.  Not sure if it’s really great or not.  The rest I’ve forgotten.  I’m so attention deficit sometimes.  My brain jumps from thought to thought faster than rabbit can jump across the desert.
Well, I’ve just gotten distracted by something else in the house, so I’m not going to finish this thought.  I’ll come back to it later.


Deb and Barbara said...

lol, yes, I relate! In fact, I've started to keep a "potential blog posts" doc in my computer. Every time I think of an idea, I write it down for future reference. Weird thing is, I've been using it less and less!

Molly said...

I've started a folder on my computer for future blog entries. My problem is when I don't get them written down and then forget them. I just need to keep pen and paper close by as well so I can jot down the ideas if I'm not close to my computer.