Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A train of thought moving faster than a speeding bullet

Quickly, before I forget!

Yesterday's blog post was about how my brain jumps from thought to thought very quickly.  I have a hard time thinking about just one thing sometimes.  Here is an example of what I mean.  I was in the shower this morning after my morning walk.  My mind started thinking and by the time I was done with the shower, I was way off topic of what I was originally thinking about.  I had to back track my thoughts to get back to the original one.

Here is the line of thought:
-Funny how skills can be called two different names depending on their use.  For example: manipulation is considered to be negative, but when turned around, it can be called good leadership skills. Right?
-Peanut, my three year old can be so manipulative.  We've got to get her sleeping through the night in her own bed in in a different room from Hubby and I.  I wish we had more rooms in the house. 
-The number of bedrooms in the house....  We've got too many people, too few bedrooms and five kids who don't want to share their room with anyone else. There is too much fighting is going on over who went into whose bedroom.  This kids have got to learn to share space better.
-The size of the house we are in now vs. the size of the last house we lived in.  Our current home has 500 more square feet than our last home, but the smaller home had two more rooms than this house.  I would rather have the rooms than the space.
-The longest I've ever lived in one house since getting married is 3 years 2 months.  Come December 1, we will have been here for three years and it doesn't look like we are going to move again anytime soon. We might break our record of three years and two months.  That's funny (or not) since I've wanted to get out of this house for the last two years. 
- My Mom lived in one place for 30 years.  She taught in several schools in the city, each year having 25-30 kids in her class.  She knew people from church and civic people. She knew everyone.
-Mom was always running into someone she knew at the grocery store.  I went with her to the grocery store a lot growing up and we could hardly make it through one shopping trip without her running into someone she knew.  I didn't mind, it was just funny.
-I occasionally see people I know at the grocery store, but not too often.  Of course, I don't know many people since I've only lived here for a couple of years.  Do I ever actually look at the people in the grocery store while I shop?  No, I don't think I do.  I'm just there to get my stuff and get out.  Would I notice a friend at the store if a friend was there?  Maybe.  What if one of my favorite celebrities were at the grocery store?  Would I notice?
-I should make it more of a point to look at the people around me at the store.  I might see a friend.

So, that is what ran through my head during my shower.  It wasn't a long shower.  My thoughts just go too fast and change too much.  Maybe I should get a water proof voice recorder to carry around with me all the time.  Then I can just talk while I think.... That might be really funny to listen to.


Barbara said...

lol! This describes my brain activity to a tee!!

Barbara said...

PS 3-way tomorrow!! And PPS is it weird that my sister's married name is Baron and she is a teacher turned literacy adviser?!

Molly said...

Thanks Barbara! You can cover a lot of thoughts in a short amount of time when your brain bounces around like that, but it can be hard to remember what it was that you were actually trying to think about. Interesting about your sis. Funny how life throws coincidences out there like that.

Kate said...

I like the way you observe your active mind and don't ask yourself "Is it possible I have A.D.D.?" Because I too don't seem to stick with any one thought for long, much as I like to consider myself a deep thinker. Ha. And ha again. And I see Ms Barb is the same. So maybe we are all quite normal then!

Molly said...

I think we have every right to be thankful for such an active mind and not question ourselves. We are creative, deep thinkers. I just get frustrated that sometimes I move from one idea to the other so fast that I forget what it was I was thinking about. I guess if it was that important of an idea, I'd either remember it or it will come back to me later.