Saturday, August 06, 2011

Almost there.....

This post is #499!

Well, a few things have been on my mind, including some deep, deep philosophical thoughts.  I'll share those later.  Don't worry, it's not as boring as it sounds.

Before this day is over, we will leave to go to the airport to pick up our exchange student.  This young lady will be staying with us for one full school year.  She is 16 and coming to us from Brazil.  I will refer to her as "C".  We are excited and nervous for C's arrival.  Her room, which she will share with our 7 year old daughter is ready for it's new occupant.  Monday or Tuesday we will take her to the local high school to get her enrolled in her classes.  C left her home last night at 9:45 pm.  She will arrive here today in the afternoon.  I'll bet she is exhausted.

For dinner, we are planning the All-American BBQ!  Hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes, watermelon.... mmmmm.  Welcome to America!

I have to say, I'm nervous about this.  It isn't the first time we've had an exchange student, but this one will be the longest one stays with us.  The first couple of months are probably going to be the most difficult as she adjusts to being away from home, speaking another language exclusively, and living with a lot of little kids.  It will be an adjustment for us too as we learn to have a stranger fit into our normal routines, schedules and activities.

Still, it is exciting!  My youngest is bouncing off the walls with excitement.

So, since the next post is #500, be prepared.  I might have 500 tidbits about me or 500 ways to avoid laundry or 500 recipes for tater tots or 500 pictures of the rocks that make up my front yard or......

Well, just wait and see!

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Linnea said...

What fun! I would love to have an exchange student!