Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toilet Paper

My children are a major source of my personal entertainment.  They are also the source of my biggest frustrations.  What is really incredible, though, is how the kids can be entertaining and frustrating at the same time.
Do you know how much water 5 brand new rolls of toilet paper can hold?
How do I know this?  I found 5 new rolls of toilet paper, heavily laden with water, resting at the bottom of a full bath tub after my youngest son’s last bath.

It was so funny and so frustrating at the same time.  I hate the waste of all that toilet paper, but I certainly found it amusing enough to take a picture of it.

Four of the rolls have had most of their water squeezed out, one is still full.
Can you guess which one?

1 comment:

Lena Baron said...

WOW! That's mighty absorbent!:) Such good times!:)