Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Bye Bix Tex

I've said before that even though I haven't lived in Texas in many, many years, I still call Texas home.  I've never met another group of people more fiercely proud of their state than Texans.

So, when on Friday I heard about Big Tex catching on fire and being completely destroyed at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, I mourned.

Big Tex has been in the Dallas skyline since 1952.  Our family went to the state fair every October.  During the day, no matter where you were in the fair, you could hear the deep, booming voice of Big Tex saying, "Howdy!"

Now, he is gone.  However, this being Texas, you can be sure that Big Tex will return.  The fairground officials have promised us a bigger and better Big Tex.  I'm glad he will be back. 

This is what I wrote on Facebook when I found out about Big Tex's tragedy:

"I couldn't believe it. I called up my husband. He said, "WHO?" I about hung up on him when he said that. How can you not know Big Tex? It's like a little part (or big part) of Texas has died. I can't imagine the Dallas fairground skyline without him. He was there, year round waving at you as you drive by. Poor Tex. May his replacement be as grand and Big-As-Texas as they come."

I haven't been to the fair in years, but I might just have to make a special trip next October to see the new Big Tex. This Texan gal wants to say Howdy!
This is how I remember him as a kid.

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