Friday, October 19, 2012

stinky washing machine

My down stairs was starting to smell funny.  OK, not starting too, it DID smell funny.  I could tell it was coming from the laundry room, but I wasn't entirely sure what was causing the smell.  Yesterday I cleaned that room out.  Threw out a lot of stuff and organized the rest, but found nothing that was causing the smell.  The floor was dry and there was nothing dead hiding behind the machine.

While I was cleaning, I had some laundry going in the machine.  When it was time to switch, I opened the washing machine up and WHEW!  The smell make me cough.  Thanks to Google, I have taken care of my stinky machine.

I ran the machine again, empty of clothes and put in about six cups of bleach.  The next load of laundry I did, I added several cups of vinegar.  Today the smell is gone and I can sit in the downstairs area without coughing.

Humidity, got to love it! Thanks!

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