Friday, October 12, 2012


So things here have been a little odd.  In a great way, though.

After 15 years of non-employment, I decided it was time to get a job.  Scary!  I found four potential jobs and I applied for two.  The first one I got an automated email saying that while I was qualified, there were already too many qualified applicants so I wouldn't even be considered.  The second one, the day after I turned in the application, I got an email requesting an interview.

It was a phone interview.  Never done anything quite like it before, but thanks to my mom, whose job is to help people get jobs, she talked me through some of the questions an interviewer might ask and helped me formulate strong answers.  A day or so after the interview, they emailed me and told me they would contact me again when they were ready to proceed with the next step.  After a few weeks of waiting, I went to the HR department and filled out paper work.  I did fingerprints and a drug test.  By that night, I had my work schedule in my email.

I started on Tuesday.  I've worked 3 days now.  I'm excited.  It looks like it will be a nice fit for me.  It is evenings and weekends.  Perfect.  I can be at home with my youngest during the day, and I go to work after the kids get home from school.  Once the training is done, I'll work fairly independently.  I drive around the county, turning lights on and off at the parks for sports teams.  I open and close parks and schools for sports teams and recreational activities.  You don't think about those things until you do them, but those late night baseball games at the city parks, someone has to turn off the lights when they are done and lock up the bathrooms.  That will be me.

The schedule is fairly flexible.  The first night, I was done by 8pm but last night I had to stay at the park until 11pm.  I can take books, my cross stitching, or whatever to keep me busy while I wait for the games to end.  I'm going to know the roads throughout the county very well.  The people I work with are nice people.  The woman I worked with last night had the most wonderful local accent.  I listened as she talked about the "tahrs" on the truck getting flat.

I work again tonight.  Actually, I work for 10 days in a row this week (and next) at all the different parks around the county.  Tonight will be a new park.  I'm excited.  I have a uniform and I drive the county trucks.  I have access codes and keys.  It's a new experience for me, but I'm very happy.

Other than that, things are going along about like normal.  Kids, school, family, house, laundry, dishes, decorating the house for Halloween, and chats with my four year old (which I've been meaning to blog about.  She has the funniest things to say.)


Lena Baron said...

I'm really excited for you!! I often wonder if I should just go out and work. But I'm not sure it's my season yet. But I'm excited for you!! Have fun and enjoy the FREEDOM!!:) ;)

SLC said...

I'm so happy it's going well! I have been meaning to call and ask, but I'll wait until you get a break. Thanks for sharing!