Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A history of random thoughts

My toddler broke a bowl today. Whoever said Correll doesn't break, hasn't been to my house. We have broken more bowls in the last few months then I can remember. Today, it was the toddler's fault. Why is it when you yell "Don't Move!" that they have to keep moving? I yell at my toddler not to move and he starts to back up from the shattered mess. I tell my daughter to stay out. This hurt her feelings, it wasn't her fault the bowl broke, so why should she have to stay out of the kitchen?

Anyway, I'm cleaning up this bowl and I was disappointed to find that it was a clean bowl that had fallen to the floor. Now, I have to clean up the remains of a clean bowl and I still have as many dirty dishes as before this one broke. Does that make sense? If a dirty bowl had broken, it would have been like cleaning up one mess, not two.

I guess that is pretty ridiculous.

I have a history of silly random thoughts. I'll share a few with you.

When I was quite young, I thought how silly a vacuume cleaner was. As you push it around the room, it leaves it's cord all over the floor. Then, when you are done with the vacuume, you have to clean up the cord off the floor. With a vacuume you clean twice!

Another random thought I had as a child was about dust. (Cleaning is on my mind, can you tell?) When you are wearing white, and you roll around on the floor, you get black dust all over your clothes. However, when you are wearing black, and you roll around the same floor, you end up with white dust on you. This was, to me, very odd. I remember this thought came to me after watching Star Wars. Princess Leia was wearing a white dress and when it got dirty, you could see black. Luke Skywalker was wearing an all black outfit and after rolling about on the floor he is covered in a white dusting.

Yes folks, strange random thoughts have been a part of me for a long time. I'm glad they never go away.


Benteti5 said...

The dust thing is funny. I guess when you're wearing white you get white dust, you just don't see it and vice versa. Is somebody nesting? When are you due anyways?

ML said...

I'm due April 3. That is only about 6 weeks away. No, I can't be nesting.... my house is a mess! However, I do want to paint my "school room". Remember the ugly wall paper? It is still there and as ugly as ever.

Benteti5 said...

What do you mean ugly? That is a classic. I say keep it, you never know, it could come back around:) You should have done that when I was there to help, now that's Rachel's job, sorry Rach, but I nominate you. Good luck with pretty in pink 2. Luckily you don't have a shortage of girly clothes.

SLC said...

You're right, those are VERY random thoughts.