Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's never a dull moment with children

Time flies by and yet it is going so slowly....

Kids are fixing their lunches. My two sons each have a sword and fight inbetween waiting for the toaster and eating the toast. My daughter has been wearing a cape for two days. Half of the time she thinks herself a queen while wearing the cape. The other half of the time she says she can fly and she runs around the house holding the cape out. We went to WalMart and the library this morning - she had on her cape. Her cape is a blanket and since it is in the 40's today, it works well as a warm wrap.

She has always had her own sense of style. When she was very, very small, she loved to wear her best dresses all of the time. Really, I didn't mind. The looked so pretty in them and I knew the phase would not last. We would be at a store and people would ask me if we had just had pictures taken. No, I would say, she just likes to wear her dresses. Now, instead of her pretty dresses, she prefers to wear purple t-shirts with red plaid skirts or she will wear a bright yellow skirt with a pink long sleeve t-shirt. Nothing matches anymore. Still, right now it isn't worth fighting about. As long as she is appropriatly covered, if she feels good in her outfit, I don't mind.

My children feel it a need to out-do each other. I guess most children do. The "game" King of the Hill didn't come out of nowhere. My daughter will just start to sing. She has a lovely voice. Her brother finds the song annoying and he tells her so. She starts to sing more loudly and begins to add annoying sounds in her singing. Seeing she isn't going to stop, he begins his own annoying noises. They raise to a terrible level until I have to loudly command they both stop.

Then, son begins to stomp on the floor. "What song am I doing?" Daughter wisely and candidly points out it sounds like stomping. He gets upset, again asking us what song he is stomping out. I tell him I agree with daughter it just sounds like stomping. He informs me he is doing the song "Popeye". I listen more closely.... nope, it still sounds like stomping to me.

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